All you need to know about Arillas if you wish to spend your vacation or to make business in our area.

We represent the business community of Arillas and the broader area.
Some  140 different businesses here are run by approximately 50 local families
For more than 30 years we have achieved a balance between the visitors, the locals and the businesses, based on the cooperation and mutual respect aiming to make of Arillas a sustainable tourist destination which we have to preserve.
In the recent years, we have noticed some welcome newcomers  reaching out  to become businessmen.  However, as they ignore the Greek institutional framework and the local culture, they do things, which are in conflict with everything we have achieved and tend to alter the tourist identity of the area.
Therefore, the balance achieved up to the present day is disturbed.  This is why we would like to put forth some points which we deem important for the development of the place.

1.  Μake sure that you throw your garbage in the designated points and do your best to preserve the natural beauty of the area.  Avoid using plastic bottles, bags  and disposable coffee cups.

2.  Nudism οn the beaches is prohibited by law everywhere in Greece.  In Arillas, it is tacitly tolerated at the two most remote and inaccessible ends of our beach which are well hidden from the straight main beach.
You are kindly asked to consider the limits and our traditional habits since, in our culture, being nude in public spaces is an offence to public decency and is prosecuted by law.

3.  Please consider the quantity of water you consume and the impact your house can have on the local natural resources.  There is a shortage of water in the area and water supply may be interrupted at any time.  Storing water in tanks is of utmost importance in order to ensure a constant flow of water to our homes and businesses.

4.  Making use of drugs and other substances, either natural or not, is illegal according to the Greek laws.  Their widespread use affects us all.

5.  Pets on the beach must be on a leash during the summer season and their waste must be collected immediately.

6. Wild camping is not allowed in tourist areas, and so are public group activities for business purposes on the beach and in public areas in Arillas  unless officially permitted.

7.  Please consider the image of the place and the language used when uploading your events, ads and activities on the web, as they may have an impact on all of us.

8.  Greeks are the native residents of this country.  Before doing anything which could affect their land or the reputation of this place, we ask you to consider the impact your business could have on them.  If this is not clear to you, please contact a member of this community or have your queries discussed.  Our email address is:  Αυτή η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου προστατεύεται από τους αυτοματισμούς αποστολέων ανεπιθύμητων μηνυμάτων. Χρειάζεται να ενεργοποιήσετε τη JavaScript για να μπορέσετε να τη δείτε..
Any business activity not having a lawful permit is not acceptable and is prosecuted by law.

9.  We ask you to respect the quiet hours between 3.00 and 5.00p.m. and after 11.00p.m.

10.  The only public spaces in the area are the beach, the streets, the church and its surroundings and the school.  All the other fields, lands and buildings are privately owned by locals even if there are no fences or obvious boundaries.
We have to respect the fact that free access to them is not allowed without a permit.

 This initiative was taken in agreement between the residents of the area and our business community in order to safeguard the values and services offered by this tourist destination and to set limits which will help all of us enjoy a better living and prosperity.

The Arillas Business Association

Jointly organized in cooperation with the following organisations:

The Local Councils of Magoulades, Afionas, Kavadades and the Arillas cultural Organization